Because I can combine website design, graphics design, as well as photography, a simple one or two-layer website (more or less like this one) can be created pretty quickly and for a reasonable price.

Over the years I have done exactly that for several websites. (Otherworlds, All Arms, Most of the graphics on those websites are by my design. I still maintain most of those websites, where appropriate. Occasionally I take over maintenance upon request, for example because previous maintainers don't have time to keep up the maintenance any longer. (Sportschool RvR.) As long as it's simple, I can make it for you, and I can maintain pretty much everything. I happen to like frames, but anything is possible. The maintenance is usually easy, but if you're uncomfortable with it, I can deal with that as well.

Also template-wise, I like to dabble in graphic design, mostly for (existing) LiveJournal based templates. (Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, Example 4, Example 5)

I set up the office templates for GTA (Groeneveld Technisch Advies) complete with digital letterhead. That basically means that graphically all the paperwork has the same letterhead, and you have all the templates for your letters, quotations, etc. digitally on your computer, ready to be used. For small start-up companies, an ideal solution. (Before you get your big break, of course!)

I have no problem finding my way around different graphics programs. (For example to turn this in this.) Fixing old photographs that have been damaged, scanning in your old photographs, or even slides: not a problem.

Also, a degree in English language and culture and teaching experience in the same subject gives you some language skills not ordinarily found all around you, and experience in normal, but also business and technical translations, at 0,25 euro a word.